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You’ve created a path for your clients to meet their lifestyle and financial goals.
So, why is their financial security still at risk?

Your prudent guidance and planning have enriched your client’s lifestyle and assets over the years by focusing on growth, market protection, and fulfillment of your fiduciary responsibility. Even with the best of efforts, your client’s financial security is still at risk from morbidity, mortality, longevity, and taxes.

IN4FA is a community of like-minded risk advisors who help you fulfill your promise of complete, comprehensive financial planning to help you honor your fiduciary role. Our risk advisors are vetted for their experience in your space and are bound to make your promise their mission.


IN4FA Advisors ETHOS

Risk advisors with a fiduciary focus.

The Insurance Network for Fiduciary Advisors  is comprised of a select group of risk management advisors who adhere to the best interest doctrine and:

  • Work objectively and collaboratively in a multi-carrier and multi-solution environment;
  • Are unbiased, independent, and fiduciary-focused;
  • Explicitly work to solve the planning challenges associated with mortality, morbidity, longevity, and taxes; and
  • Possess a deep understanding of advanced markets.

Prior to working with IN4FA, our network of risk advisors is required to sign a code of conduct that governs their behavior.

If you are a fiduciary-minded risk advisor looking to expand your business efforts, become a part of IN4FA

IN4FA is a community of fiduciary-minded risk advisors devoted to serving RIAs, wealth managers, and their clients. As a part of our IN4FA risk management network, you will  leverage your expertise to help advisors craft risk management and insurance planning concepts to advance their clients’ objectives. The real benefit is providing wealth protection and wealth transfer solutions that are in the best interest of clients.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a part of this growing community.

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