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Wealth Managers

Preserving and Protecting Your Client’s Wealth

Despite every smart decision you’ve made regarding the growth and protection of your client’s assets, an adverse life event can derail all of them.  This requires a comprehensive plan that accounts for asset or earnings loss in the case of a premature death or disability during the accumulation phase – as well as the prolonged care that is commonly required during your clients’ retirement years. The goal is to ensure that your financial planning can remain a steadfast and foundational blueprint for continued prosperity when your client needs it most. 

NextGen Asset Transfer and Protection

Protecting the assets under your care against depletion to the next generation ensures that those assets, which drive your revenue stream and the value of your book, are available when you are considering your own retirement or the sale of your book of business.

Common problems that derail even the best wealth management plans

  • Incomplete/unsigned/unfunded trusts or buy-sell agreements
  • Business failure due to death or disability of a key individual
  • Business disruption from ignored exit or transition planning
  • Massive tax issues linked to legacy assets such as tax deferred annuities and qualified plans
  • Family income instability due to death or disability of high-income earner
  • Unreviewed insurance plans leading to lapse, underperformance, or tax liability
  • Failed retirement income plans due to extended long term care event
  • Problematic insurance coverage from single company agent, internet provider, or incompetent underwriting services
  • Forced sales of assets due to illiquidity in an estate plan

A Community that Shares Your Professional Values

IN4FA was designed specifically to serve the fiduciary responsibility that you are bound by for your clients.  Our network of mortality, morbidity, longevity and tax risk experts is curated with professionals who share that responsibility. Our focus is to help you craft and seamlessly integrate insurance solutions into your client’s financial plan to help advance their objectives.  

This commitment mirrors our advisors’ fiduciary approach to analysis, selection, and implementation of solutions that meet your own fiduciary obligation to your clients.

When it comes to your client’s risk management needs, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach is not prudent.  Our advisors’ diverse skillsets allow you and IN4FA to pair your client’s needs with the best specialists in our network, based on their area of expertise. 

The result is a fiduciary-minded solution to protect your client’s assets and your business from loss. You are able to hedge against the financial burdens associated with unexpected risks and enhance the financial legacy your clients leave to their loved ones or charities.

Protecting Your Client Shouldn’t Mean Abandoning Your Principles

IN4FA is committed to your client’s best interests.  To this end, we apply the same fiduciary approach to your client’s insurance needs that you apply to their financial well-being.  We aim to fill the gap in your market and lift the standard of protection in risk management to meet the standard set by your industry. 

Reach out to our network to learn more about our approach, resources, and methodology.  We look forward to working with you to secure your client’s wealth against unforeseen risks.  Your principles are our promise. 

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