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Your client is one adverse life event away from losing the wealth you helped them build.

Your client’s needs are evolving. While your prudent guidance and planning have enriched their assets over the years, they are also concerned with protecting their legacy from adverse life events.

While you have focused on growth, market protection, and fulfillment of your fiduciary responsibility, there exists a tremendous risk to your client’s financial security should they fall ill or require substantial care over time.

IFN is a community of like-minded risk advisors designed to fulfill your client’s life needs while committing to the continuity of your fiduciary promise to them. Our risk advisors are vetted for their experience in your space and have sworn to make your promise their mission.


IFN Advisors ETHOS

Risk advisors with a fiduciary focus.

The challenge with the risk management industry is that there are very few if any, non-commission-based insurance products that protect against mortality, morbidity, taxes, and longevity (life, disability, long-term care, critical illness, and annuities).

Rightly or wrongly, insurance products are sold by advisors who are paid a commission by the issuing insurance company and non-commission products are not always the best solution for a client for a variety of reasons. That does not mean that they cannot behave as fiduciaries and provide advice that is in the client’s best interest.

The Insurance Fiduciary Network is a group of risk management advisors who adhere to the best interest doctrine. Prior to working with us, they, in fact, sign a code of conduct that governs their behavior.

If you are fiduciary-minded risk advisor looking to expand
your business, become a part of holistic life planning

IFN is a community for fiduciary-minded risk advisors to connect with wealth managers and their clients’ life needs. As a part of our IFN risk management network, you will be able to leverage your expertise in order to help craft holistic planning scenarios that serve the best interests of these clients.
Contact us to learn more about becoming a part of this growing community.

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